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tv   ABC World News Now  ABC  January 4, 2012 2:35am-4:00am EST

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, and a strong showing here with a fervent passionate support he goes on. newt gingrich coming in fourth. got hammered here. texas governor, rick perry, michele bachmann and jon huntsman bringing up the rear there. what an extraordinarily close race. just minutes again here in des moines. the chairman of the republican party made the announcement. >> but i can report, with 1,770 precincts reporting, governor mitt romney received 30,015 votes. senator rick santorum received 30,007 votes. congratulations to governor mitt romney winner of the 2012 iowa caucuses. congratulations to senator santorum, for a very close second place finish and an excellent race here. congratulations to congressman paul and all the other candidates who competed in the
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2012 caucuses. thank you very much. have a good night. eight votes. abc's jake tapper joins me, white house correspondent, offering covering santorum. >> we should warn our viewers there is not going to be a recount. they said no recount. >> no recount they will certify the results in two weeks. what's the message out of iowa? >> i think first of all a win is a win. romney won. when you look at the fact that he has been running for president for six years, participated in the contest before, basically within 500 votes of his previous total four years ago. only beat rick santorum on a shoestring budget with very little support and asterisk in the polls until a few weeks ago by eight votes. says something about his ceiling. says something about the fact that, conservatives out there, are looking for someone else. that's not to say he won't ultimately be the nominee. but it is going to be, be a struggle. >> tough night for romney. a big night for santorum coming
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from the back of the pack there. no question about it. he goes on with steam. >> he leaves iowa as if he won though he came in second. now the question is -- hat has been -- how others have, have left this state. pat robertson comes to mind. he came in second but able to make that, as if it was a victory. he couldn't take it anywhere. mike huckabee, appealing to the conservative, evangelical base, came in first couldn't take it anywhere. didn't hatch the infrastructure. does rick santorum have ability to talk it beyond here? >> a big question for him. what do conservatives do? they're not enamored of mitt romney. do they put their shoulders to the wheel for rick santorum. the result here. mitt romney razor thin victory. we'll return you to your regular programming which for most of the country is going to be nightline.
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tonight on "nightline," a special election edition. breaking news, an incredible 11th hour victory as iowa kicks off the 2012 campaign for the white house. we'll tell you who is up, who is down and what it all means. down to the wire. we've got all the latest results from the state that kicks off the 2012 campaign for the white house. and the good, the bad and the downright ugly. >> politicians who supported bailouts and mandates. >> after weeks of fierce combat and an avalanche of negative ads, the voters have finally spoken.
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good evening. what an extraordinary night in des moines. welcome to abc news special coverage of the iowa caucuses which basically ended in a dead heat, a flat, dead heat. the closest race in caucus history. let's go right to the results. mitt romney just declared by the republican party here the winner. 30,015 votes. rick santorum, second place, 30,007 votes. eight votes separating. just an amazingly close race. then the rest of the field here. ron paul, a strong third place showing here. with his very passionate following. newt gingrich, once flying high, hammered by an avalanche of negative ads down to 13%. rick perry, governor of texas will go home to think about
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things after coming within just 10%. michele bachmann bringing up the rear here. let's take a look at whatograph. you can see the fracture, taking a look at voters who identify themselves as conservative, the base of the republican party. rick santorum winning them whoppingly there. for voters who say the most important thing was to defeat barack obama, it's the exact opposite story. mitt romney, clobbering santorum. he is seen as the electable one. big part of the party wants to defeat barack obama. abc new's jake tapper with us right now. our senior white house correspondent. also with santorum. a heck of a night for santorum. what does it say about mitt romney? >> it says he has a ceiling. we have known this for a long time. according to polls. now we have ate cording to votes. he has a ceiling. 25% of the republican party is
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sold on his message. businessman. strong conservative. able to beat barack obama. 75% of the republican party says, i don't know. i'm not so sure. they have been shopping around for a long time. you have seen a lot of front-runners come and go. herman cain. might remember him. michele bachmann. rick perry. now we have rick santorum who peaked at exactly the right time. politics like life. timing. so he peaks at the right time. he is the darling of christian conservatives. can he take that further with so little money, so little infrastructure. big questions. >> yet he had a chance to introduce himself to the country tonight. making that speech. late because the results were so close. but it was -- his theme, thematic speech. who is rick santorum? what did he say? >> interesting that he sells himself as a blue-collar though high is very, very conservative on a lot of social issues, able to win over reagan democrats. he says that's how he won his house races in western
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pennsylvania. how he won two statewide elections in pennsylvania. he talks a lot about his grandfather, the coal miner who worked in the coal mines. drawing a very stark contrast with mitt romney, who of course comes from a background of wealth. and heap is also making -- he is also making an electability appeal. rick santorum. christian conservatives like him. does anyone else. can he appeal beyond the base. he says yes, he did it in pennsylvania. we'll see. >> let's talk a brief look at some of what rick santorum had to say introducing himself to the national audience. >> you, you, by standing up and not compromising, by standing up and being bold, and leading, leading with that burden and responsibility you have to be first. you have taken the first step of taking back this country.
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>> iowa. >> right in what he is saying there. you iowans you did not compromise. that's a shot at mitt romney. romney is compromise. rick santorum is not compromise. he is what you believe in. that's going to be his message going forward. >> the battle going forward. jake tapper thank you for being here in the middle of the night. >> fine. good to be here. thank you, terry. >> for the other candidates of course this is a very big night as well. as jake was pointing out. mitt romney, a lot of questions around him. end of the day, a win is a win. david muir has been covering his campaign. >> terry, good evening. just a short time ago, governor mitt romney came out on the stage with wife ann, four sons. thanked supporters in the clourclour crowd. they would have liked a decisive win. they kid it a victory. what he said about rick santorum and the numbers tonight a short time ago. >> congratulations to rick santorum. this has been a great victory for him and for his effort.
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he has worked very hard in iowa. we also feel it has been ape great victory for us here. for ron paul as well. ron paul has had a great night. this has been terrific. i think it is great here in the heartland of america that a -- a campaign begins, all three of us will be campaigning hard to make sure we restore the heart and solve of the entire nation. and, thank you, iowa, for the great send-off you are giving to us and to others in the campaign. look, this is a -- this is a campaign night where america wins. we're going to change the white house and get america back on track. >> romney making it very clear he is looking forward now. moving on to new hampshire next. his own backyard. obviously former governor of massachusetts. he has the got a summer home in new hampshire. there are going to be questions tomorrow, though about mitt romney getting the number here in i wacht not all that different from what you saw here four years ago as far as the electorate he was able to capture here. after all this talk of the majority of republicans polled saying he is the most electable,
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he will be asked why not? able to close the deal in a more significant way here in iowa. why the tie. what to do now about the surging rick santorum. this campaign tells us they're very happy. they said they feel great about the numbers. they move forward. tonight even beyond new hampshire, they have bought their first tv ad in florida. they're look ak heing ahead, te. >> a machine, no question about it, david. but a machine that, we can tell you, earned six votes less. romney got six votes less than he did in iowa in 2008. for ron paul, he has had a surge. sort of steady surge. a big night for him. john carl is with the paul campaign. john? >> terry, ron paul and his campaign here they were looking for a victory in iowa. they will take what they got. a third place finish. and a strong third place finish. as he told his supporters a short while ago. there are three tickets out of
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iowa. he has got one of those. he has also got a campaign that is preparred to go nationally. and still got a lot of money. and boy does he have the supporters, those ron paul brigades as he call to the stage a little while ago. he spoke to them. talked about them as the the one thing that he has that no other candidate tin the race has. >> there is nobody else that have people like you working hard and enthusiastic and believe in something. >> those ron paul brigades are here to shack ke up the republi party. the big secret was bringing independent voters into the iowa caucuses. he won the independents overwhelpingly. many of them having nef voted for a republican before. let me tell you, terry. when paul continues on. he is going to continue to try to shake up the party. i predict to you that he will take this all the way to the convention winning as many delegates paz he cas he can. trying to have a real impact
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when the republicans get to crowning their nominee in tampa this summer. >> there is no question, john, with a lot of ron paul delegates at the convention should he go on and do well, the republican establishn't is going to have its hands full. stay with us for more abc news special coverage of the iowa caucuses. it's "your voice, your vote." whee wheeeeeeeeeeeee! wheeeeeeeeeeee! whee whee wheeeeeeeeeeee-he-he-heeeeee! whee whee wheeeeeeeeeeee! pure adrenaline. whee whee wheeeeeeeeeeee! everything you love about geico, now mobile. download the new geico app today. whee wheeeeeeeeeeee-he-he-heeeeee!
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from headquarters in new york. matt, let me begin with you. this incredibly close election, what does it say about the party and what comes next? >> it is interesting to me. i think it says a lot you. have to congratulate mitt romney on the victory he had. the only one coming out with momentum is rick santorum even though he lost by a few votes. he is the new guy on the scene. everybody else in the primaries had their shot. and the nonmitt romney. the two primaries, mitt romney primary, 25% of the vote, and nonmitt romney primary. that's what we have to figure out over the course out next few weeks, terry is whether or not rick santorum has better and more lasting staying power than the candidates that have surfaced in the course of thus to take on mitt romney. i think mitt romney has the to answer the question whether he can get more votes than he has been able to get over the course of four years. because as was pointed out. he got almost exactly the same vote he got four years ago when
2:53 am
heap lost to mike huckabee. >> absolutely. leslie, let me ask you, what did we learn tonight about the candidates in their performance. and what they had to say to us after? >> you know it was really interesting. one of the last messages, the campaign, speeches that santorum had was that you could, to iowa, you can tell the world money does not buy iowa. a very important part. talking about hard work. a very stark contrast with mitt romney. i think that's part of the appeal. he also earned the, the votes of most of the precincts, governor huckabee did four years ago. a think there is tremendous amount of movement among republican caucus goers. primaries you will see that. i think everybody, while looking and aiming at new hampshire there is going to be a lot of attention tomorrow on south carolina, florida, especially the romney camp. you have got to put that firewall in. concern. evangelical, social conservatives undecided. >> all right.
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absolutely. leslie, matt, thank you for staying up so late with us tonight. waiting for the results. thank you very much. and we'll be right back with more of the coverage of the iowa caucuses "your vote, your voice." sergio! christina! question for you. what factors led you to buy your explorer. definitely the ecoboost option. what's pretty amazing is that you can get the fuel economy of a car in an suv.
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maybe it doesn't always pick presidents but is the next great step on the yellow brick road to
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the emerald city of the nomination. guess who has a lake house by the yellow brick road. >> well i have a summer home here. it's right next door. we have a lot of friend here. >> meet romney the former massachusetts governor has a va caution house here and has been campaigning here since 2007. and will be very hard to beat here. >> good to see you. >> also waiting for the candidates. former governor jon huntsman skipped iowa and has been scamped out in the granite state for months. he knows if iowa is the place where candidates leave licking their wound. new hampshire is the place where they come to pour salt into them. >> do you anticipate sharper elbows in the state starting tomorrow? >> hard to know. sharp elbows started a long time ago. that will continue. all parts of differentiating candidate by canned day. >> reporter: how sharp are your elbows? >> sharp enough. >> reporter: if all the sharp elbows make you nervous don't fret, what happens in new
3:00 am
hampshire never stays in new hampshire. it goes right to south carolina. i'm john berman for "nightline" in manchester new hampshire. >> and that. i'm terry moran, good night. america. this morning on "world news now," your voice, your vote. iowa voters prove that, this was no easy choice and last night's republican caucuses. >> at one point three candidates were in a virtual tie. this morning it came done to eight votes. good morning, it's wednesday, january 4th. >> the republicans declared a winner. romney won by less than 10 votes. rick santorum so far behind. check out contenders as this big contest could already be costing a couple of campaigns. >> i can see how tight it is there. the rest of the field right there.
3:01 am
very close race this morning. those are the rest of the people. lots of questions this morning about what folks will reassessing. michele bachmann did not do well. lots of questions. lots of fallout. big night for democracy and big night in iowa. also the murder mystery on the queen of england's property. detectives will return today after a woman's bed was found not far from a royal country estate. >> very bizarre. later this half-hour what a nuisance in the sky over a georgia neighborhood. turkey vultures are flocking there and frustrated homeowners want them gone. but the bird are untouchable. wait till you hear why. >> before all that of course to the big news of the morning. fallout from iowa has started. rick perry has gone home to reassess his campaign. i'll talk about that. mitt romney expected to puck up an endorsement today. >> romney need the help based on santorum's sudden surge and win last night. abc's karen travers joins us live from des moines with the very latest. good morning, karen.
3:02 am
>> reporter: we have been saying for days this race was going to go down to the wire but nobody could have predicted it would be this much of a nail biter. >> i pledge allegiance to the flag. >> across iowa, republicans gathered to pick their presidential nominee. and it went done to the wire. the final candidates battling it out with very few votes separating them. it's been a long journey. rick perry teared up when he introduced one of his supporters. a veteran who received a purple heart. this iowa voter delivered a passionate plea to mitt romney. >> we have no jobs. we have no health care. >> reporter: romney has grown increasingly confident. could a surging rick santorum get in his way. it's never a good sign if your closing argument is lashing out at your opponent. that's what newt gingrich did when it came to mitt romney.
3:03 am
even president obama got in on the iowa action, addressing democratic caucus goers from washington. >> i want us to remind ourselves and remind each other that as much work as may be out there before us there is nothing we can't accomplish when the determined citizens come together. >> reporter: mitt romney has a chance to change the story line. but of course, basking in the glow of the win in iowa. later today in new hampshire with john mccain who will give romney his endorsement. back to you. >> what does the endorsement from senator mccain mean to both of those camps? >> well when the romney campaign announce they'd were going to have the endorsement with john mccain later in new hampshire it was when they were down here in the polls in iowa and looked look they weren't going to win. that was an attempt to say that we are pivoting to new hampshire. a state where mitt romney is up
3:04 am
by double digits. a lot of momentum heading into next week's primary there. this also gives him another establishment republican in his quarter. it creates an air of inevitablility around him and gives him more of a boost as the front-runner. ron, paula, back to you. >> a little chinning chink in t. big night for ending the campaigns. what is next for michele bachmann, an iowa native, didn't do well tonight at all. >> an iowa native making a big push that these were her roots here in iowa. remember back in august she came in first place in the straw poll. finished in ape very distant sixth. this is a very disappointing night for her. she vows to go on. she said she will continue definitely through south carolina which votes una couple weeks. she is going to skip most likely new hampshire she is not really playing there. but told us tonight that she will be going to south carolina. her airline tickets are booked, paid for. she wants to see if she can make
3:05 am
that her final stand. >> see how south carolina plays out. all right, karen. you have had a very long morning covering awful this. get some sleep. thank you for the report live from des moines this morning. we'll shift from iowa's political drama to the contest in the state of new hampshire the abc news hosting the gop debate in new hampshire, with diane sawyer and george stephanopoulos moderating that event. overseas now, to a deepening royal mystery. a search is resumed on the ground of the queen's country estate for clues in the murder of a young woman. the queen and several members of the royal family have been spending the holidays there at sandingham. >> reporter: authorities are calling it a murder. here in the wooded area on the queen's sprawling sandringham else skate. a manhunt now under way for the killer who left a woman's body less than a mile from where the royals spend their christmas every year. the area is now sealed and turned into a crime scene.
3:06 am
the detective in charge of this investigation says they're examining cold cases nationwide for potential links. >> there are, forensic experts currently working on the scene, looking at, anthropology, e entomology, they will be working on pathology working here. >> reporter: her remains found new year's day not by security or police, but by a member of the public walking their dog. close to the queen's residence on the else skate. just hours after the queen and prince phillip went to church last sunday. >> i personally find it inconceivable the body will have been dumped there while the royals were in residence it would be one of the most crazy places to hide a body if you murdered someone. i think you try to take it slightly more discreet. >> reporter: the case has thrown up many questions -- who was she? who murdered her? why was the body found so close
3:07 am
to the royals surrounded by so much security? >> such a critical question. you would think security in that area of all areas of england would be so tight that someone would leave a body there, could have been there as long as four months an old crime. >> the area where it was found, body was found, was actually a favorite hunting spot of prince phillip as well. also publicly accessible. remember 20,000 acres. talking about public gardens, villages, cottages with tenants. in ape pretty visible area, that, was accessible to the public at all times. how does a body go hidden for four months? >> weird, weird story. stay on that. also, switch other gears. >> special forces soldier charged with bringing explosives on an airplane forgot he had c-4 in his carry on. he told the fbi the bag had not been used since his return from afghanistan months ago. a military demolitions expert. court documents reveal he may have had the explosive in his bag during an early security check in north carolina but not
3:08 am
detected rob. >> here is one from the over the top file. you will soon know why. want you to meet 5-year-old, hailey of charleston, massachusetts, likes reading library books with her mom. apparently had a few a little bit overdue the they got a reminder of that when a police officer actually showed up and told them about a state law that could result in a misdemeanor. books returned, no harm, no foul. even the officer had to admit the whole thing was just a wee bit over the top to say the least. relax in charlton, massachusetts. >> they dig out from the great lakeses to the northeast. frigid air, stretching to south florida. the arctic blast has farmers and snowplow drivers on the move. we get more from meteorologist ginger zee. >> reporter: a blast of face-covering, accident-causing, oh-my-brr winter showed up. >> unreal. yesterday hot. today here in the freezing
3:09 am
blizzard. >> reporter: this early january wind and snow tangled back to work traffic. a 20-car pileup brought interstate 80 to a halt in central pennsylvania. >> the clear slipped over. off its wheels. a mess out here. >> reporter: lake-effect snow left one to two feet of fresh winter white in michigan, ohio, pennsylvania and new york. although the snowiest part uh the storm is just winding down, the coldest air, now settling in. the deep freeze reaching all the way to south florida. freeze warnings for almost the entire state of florida forcing people, and dogs, used to bundl. although chicago got away with only a dusting with this storm, now they have something new to help residents dig out when snow falls. >> people can now track the snowplows to see where they are in their community, how far away they are. >> prepped and ready for the next storm. ginger zee, abc news.
3:10 am
your wednesday weather -- wind chill dips to 30 below in northern new england. record lows, orlando, tallahassee. lake-effect snow, eerie, pennsylvania, seyracuse. six inches in the cascades. >> 53, seattle. 75, phoenix. 30s from fargo to detroit. 28 here in new york. atlanta, 47. miami, 65. well at least we of the human race can do stuff to deal with the cold. hang out indoors. have a little brandy something luke that. >> get one of the snuggies too. right. not so much for the anal mallfo animals. moving some animals indoors putting up heat lamps. i have hay allergies. i am not an animal. >> we presume it is temporary and be a lot warmer there soon enough. not bad at all. all right, everybody the stay with us. we'll be back with more "world
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news now" right after this. lots more coming up. stay warp, everybody. it is a cold one. we know a place where tossing and turning
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there's a land of restful sleep. we can help you go there on the wings of lunesta. back to our top story this morning. the thrilling results from tuesday's iowa caucuses. >> joining us with his take on iowa and where things go from here is abc's political analyst, matt dowd. good morning. >> used to seeing you on gma, and other shows. thank you for slumming it with us on the overnights. >> lovely to be here. have me back. >> talk about how big a night was this for rick santorum? >> i think a huge night for rick santorum. in the race where we had six front-runners going into this up to a week and a half ago. rick santorum was in single digits. everyone had written him off.
3:15 am
he hadn't campaigned in new hampshire, south carolina, later dates. he now could win. now could win. at least, he is tied in the race. this is a huge thing for hip. going to give him a big lift nationally. going to give him a big lift into new hampshire and south carolina off the awe where do why go from here? were you surprised how close this was the this was mitt romney's pretty much to take. ended up. at some point there were 13 votes differentiating santorum from romney? >> the interesting thing about this race. it's been a rate, mitt romney is stable at 24%, 25%. looks what he will end up with. then the competition for non-mitt romney vote. exchanged hand. over time, perry, cain, michele bachmann. now santorum has a hand in it. i think that fluctuation will continue over the next few months in this. could be a long process. this was an historic night. first time a caucus has ever been this close.
3:16 am
it's ever been this close in 40 years. it is an historic night. >> what its it about santorum that allowed him to surge. because tonight's results are a reflection of how it worked or the gcht ocop has the not falle love with romney. >> a combination. he worked harder than any one in iowa. went to all 99 counties, campaigned all the time. he was there. the other front-runners have faulter edalong t faltered. the only one left, rick santorum. a conservative. the nonmitt rop rmney group loog for the conservative. >> when newt gingrich was speaking he wanted to thank santorum for running a positive campaign. slam against the massachusetts moderate. are they going to be able to degree up dirt on him. still a lot of people in the country don't know a lot about rick santorum. >> america is going to wake up. find a brand new person on the scene they're not familiar with. those he served 12 years as u.s.
3:17 am
senator from pennsylvania. they'll degree up things. votes on things. he sponsored earmarks. conservatives don't like. how he can respond and sustains in that attack will we'll know over the course of the next few weeks. that will be his big test. as a front-runner now, co-front-runner can he sustain the attacks. >> last question, perry, michele bachmann, done? >> perry going back to us aton to reassess his candidacy. usually code for i will drop out. my guess he will drop out. canceled events in south carolina. michele bachmann says he will go on. really getting 5% of iowa. hard to see that. awe thank you for slumming. back with more after this. stay with us everybody.
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♪ why do birds suddenly appear ♪ every time you are near ♪ just like me >> perfect song choice, guys. well done. >> we're flying hire here on
3:20 am
"world news now." the good folks in georgia are facing a problem this morning that sound like a weak sequel to hitchcock's "the birds." >> invaded by turkey vultures. the solution to the problem is not as easy as point and shoot. >> reporter: neighbors along pelham drive like their quiet neighborhood. they've don't like their newest neighbors. these turkey vultures that have slowly moved in over the last several months. >> coming here every morning about, 8:30, 9:00. and midday they sort of clear out. go some where i guess. hunting for food. and then they come back in the afternoons. and it just seems like there's 500, 600 of them. >> reporter: they don't just stick to the trees they're on neighbor's roofs, fences and in their backyards. >> the other day about 10, 12 of them right down the ridge of the house. all unour backyard. >> when i go to work in the
3:21 am
mornings they're right there on my roof when i open the door. scares me. >> reporter: they called the georgia department of natural resources but have found little help. birds are federally protected. it's because the species was on the declean due to eggshell thinning due to pesticides and loss of nesting habitat. neighbors aren't so sure the. >> for as many as i have seen out here. >> reporter: many gather in the skies, ryan williams is afraid to let his 6 week old pubby out alone. >> scared they'll scoop him up. i can't control the situation. >> reporter: neighbors have tried shotgun blasts in an effort to scare the bird. the birds do migrate leaving neighbors to hope they'll move on sooner rather than later. >> all right. thank you, jennifer for the report here. don't mess with these things. they're pro tekttected. >> officers will evaluate the situation. if you kill one of the creatures, $15 t.
3:22 am
>> paula will find you. her pet at home. a woman and her turkey vul cher. >> right here. right on my shoulder.
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♪ ♪ >> no not a song about us. a look at the strangest odd couple, gary busey and ted haggard. the two appeared on celebrity wife swap. you dv rcr it. the end result, you have got to see tight believe it. >> it was really a picture of mutual respect from very different points of view and kind of how the melting pot is supposed to work. >> the haggards and buseys in the spotlight. haggard its the pastor and busey
3:26 am
is the wordsmith. >> faith stands for fantastic adventures in trusting him. that's one. and the word pope stands for, heavenly offers prevail eternally. >> so they see resurrection power is for today the no reason for people to die in shame. >> and the story is the worst part of our life doesn't define us. our life does. >> one day, god spoke to him. when he was going to sell insurance. >> busey calls gail haggard powerful in a loving ep bracing way. for the show they traded information with busey offering up his perspective as only can. >> yeah, everything changes your life when you open up to it, listen to it. let it motivate you. changes your life. gives you better perspective.
3:27 am
you must remember there are 360 ways to see an elephant. >> reporter: when it was all over despite different beliefs they all accepted one another. >> past life journeys are true. you have been here before. i've been an american indian, several times, fought at the alamo. i was burned at the stake as a female witch. i have been barbaric, a severe warrior, a pirate, one of my life times on atlantis, connecting with people, crystals to stars, healing aspect. >> gary busey is a prophet. >> what? what? what just happened? >> gary, the password is c-r-a-z-y, which is what you are. it will be good tv with my boy, gary. whoo. >> toward the end of that. put it down. put it down. >> put it down. whatever it is. ooh, man, gar
3:28 am
3:29 am
3:30 am
this morning on "world news now" -- caucus tossup. the political drama in iowa this morning now that the voters have had their say. >> mitt romney won by eight votes, an unpredictable turn in this alreadyalready. unpredictable political season. it is wednesday, january 4th. and good morning, everyone, i'm paula faris. >> i'm rob nelson. this morning it was almost a tie in the state of iowa, believe it or not. mitt romney won by eight votes. barely beating rick santorum. as for the republicans here is where they stand after such a hard-fought contest. we'll take you to des moines in a quick second. incredible night in the hawkeye state. >> you can't wait for the winter to come, bundle up. nasty winter weather in the
3:31 am
headlines with the deep freeze threatening crops in florida and your grocery bill. see how farmers are going high tech to limit the damage. >> all the way done to florida. winter is here. later this half-hour, hear about cats with nine lives. what about this dog who nearly drowned in the ocean. see who saved him and we can't wait to tell you his name. you will love, love an animal story. you will love this one for sure. >> the animal doggy paddled to safety right. >> she is here all week, folks. >> i am, you sure? >> yeah, for once. for once. first, sorting out the winners and losers after a breathtaking night in iowa. rick perry did not farewell and has gone home to texas. michele bachmann is vowing to stay in the race and, very underwhelming performance for her. >> sixth place. native too. and big story at the top. strong showing by rick santorum and the challenge ahead for mitt romney. with more, here's abc's karen travers from des moines.
3:32 am
>> i pledge allegiance. >> reporter: all across iowa, republicans gathered to pick their presidential nominee. and it went down to the wire, the final candidates battling it out with very few votes separating them. it's been a long journey, rick perry teared up when he introduced one of his supporters, a veteran who received a purple heart. this iowa voter delivered a passionate plea to mitt romney. >> we have no jobs. we have no health care. >> reporter: romney has grown increasingly confident. >> we're going to win this thing. could a surging rick santorum get in his way. [ indiscernible ] it's never a good sign if your closing argument is lashing out at your opponent. that's what newt gingrich did when it came to mitt romney. even president obama got in on the iowa action, addressing democratic caucus goers from washington. >> i want us to remind ourselves and remind each other that as
3:33 am
much work as may be out there before us there is nothing we can't accomplish when the determined citizens come together. >> reporter: mitt romney has a chance to change the story line. john mccain will appear with him today in new hampshire and give him his endorsement, rob, paula. >> thank you for the report. we'll check in in a few minutes out there in des moines. be sure to stay with abc news online and on the air all morning long as we sort out what is next for the republicans. we are getting more insight into what may have motivated the los angeles arson suspect. investigators say harry burkhart may have gone off the deep end after his mother was charged with 19 counts of fraud including failure to pay for breast enlargements. at her court hearing, burkhart lashed out at an anti-u.s. rant. later that night, police say he started setting cars on fire. in new york, a man arrested after confessing to a string of fire bomb attacks on new year's day.
3:34 am
the 40-year-old ray legend was seen on surveillance footage hurling molotov cocktails. into an islamic cultural center and four other sites as well. police say he had a personal grievance against all those locations. he faces charges including arson as a hate crime. a mother in miami has a beautiful new daughter as a reminder of a crazy new year's eve. anna, and little kimberly came into the world early new year's morning. hours earlier she was at an atm when a teenager snatched an $800 gold chain off her neck. she chased him but he got away the because of the stress she was brought in for observation, when kimberly arrived. she was charitable towards the kid that robbed her. >> i just pray for him. i just pray that god would do his, his side of his job. and you know, bless him regardless. >> the cold chain was never recovered. she says one day she will tell kimberly about the craziness that preceded her birth.
3:35 am
>> a lot of babies, a result of new year's eve craziness. moving on. the arctic blast battering the eastern part of the country blamed for another frightening pileup. two dozen cars and big rigs involved in a chain reaction crash that left them scattered across a busy pennsylvania highway. overturned in a ditch. the accident forced interstate 80 to shut down for hours. there were no serious injuries thankfully. temperatures are falling below freezing well into florida. farmers there are pulling out all the stops to keep their crops and profits from shriveling up. and some are using even a high tech approach to fight all that frost. carson chambers of wfts explains. >> reporter: growing berries and beating cold weather is part experience, part science. on a plant city farm off highway 60 they're mixing in a little bit of technology. >> it gives you date, time, and the temperature for each location. >> you might think an ipad or smartphone is out of place in a strawberry field.
3:36 am
but john mcdowell says they've become invaluable tools on the nights when mercury is mean and hard freeze sets in. >> they can sit in the comfort of their home, or vehicles on a smart phone or tablet and look at the weather for all their farms without having to drive there. >> reporter: bob mcdowell is a farmer, his sister is too. but their brother john is a computer guy. his website shows real time temperatures on his sibling's farms. collecting readings from weather stations like this one. >> we have a wire that comes out the bottom. >> reporter: the stations work through a cell signal like your phone, when the temperature drops. >> it will send him a text message letting him know, hey, the weather is down to 35 degrees. >> reporter: just enough warning before it's time to turn the water on. farmers got that text not too long ago. and turned on their sprinklers to protect their berries. they expect it to be well below freezing, before sunrise.
3:37 am
in plant city, florida, i'm carson chambers, for abc news. >> here is a look at your wednesday weather. parts of florida, dip down into the teens. 30 below wind chills, new england. lingering snow showers in western pennsylvania and new york state. drenching downpours out west from the olympic mountains to seattle, portland and northern california. snow in the cascades. >> 48 in boise. 62, sacramento. milder in the midwest. 30s, minneapolis, chicago. 20s in the northeast. 60s from miami to dall well most of us had a new year's resolution, if losing weight is yours, the latest list of best diets was just released this morning. a team of nutrition experts said the dash diet, rated best overall. weight watchers topped a number of categories, best weight loss. best commercial plan and easiest to follow. now the best diets for diabetics, the biggest loser, and dash diet. and for the heart healthy, the ornish diet, low fat vegetarian. the top pick.
3:38 am
starbuck's lovers in some parts of the country are going to pay more for the jolt of java. the company will raise prices 1% overall in the northeast and sunbelt regions, include new york, washington, d.c. and most southern states. the price for a tall coffee will go up 10 cents. price for grande's won't change. a reason, just order a grande. >> people will pay it. we know that. get your arm ready. here is more than any one reported from anywhere can relate to. that's why it is our boom "favorite story of the day". >> what could be better than covering new year's celebrations in pakistan amongst a crowd of happy, excited revellers. the reporter, well he just had enough of all the fun. >> really, who can blame our old friend, assad, just doing what so many of us wanted to do so many times before?
3:39 am
gave him a good whack. we have all been in the situation. some times live shots get hectic. >> some times people get on you. get in your business. get in your face. and be intrusive. >> you drop kicked a few folks in your time? >> never, always been cordial. >> oh, such a lady. we'll be back with more "world news now" after this. ♪ hit me with your best shot ♪ fire away [ drew ] what's the latest in eye couture?
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have been reported. abnormal behaviors may include aggressiveness, agitation, hallucinations or confusion. in depressed patients, worsening of depression, including risk of suicide, may occur. alcohol may increase these risks. allergic reactions, such as tongue or throat swelling, occur rarely and may be fatal. side effects may include unpleasant taste, headache, dizziness and morning drowsiness. ask your doctor if lunesta is right for you. then get lunesta for $0 at there's a land of restful sleep. we can help you go there on the wings of lunesta. welcome back, everybody. we want to turn now to our top story this morning. the squeaker out in iowa.
3:43 am
rick santorum and mitt romney are tied in the caucuses. >> what a roller coaster for the candidates. abc's karen travers is live in des moines. to help us figure out what is next. karen, what do you think was the biggest surprise of last night's caucuses? >> paula, i know we have been talking over the last couple days that rick santorum was surging and he might pull out a win. now when you look at it and you see just how close this was, the fact that he is there and possibly on the verge of winning the iowa caucuses is still a very stunning result here. just a couple weeks ago he was in sixth and seventh place in some of the polls here in iowa. he skyrocketed to first place. he did that mostly on the support of evangelicals and conservatives. 83% of caucus goers tonight identify themselves as conservative. that was a very good sign for rick santorum. and certainly hearing him tonight you heard him say game on. they're very pleased with these results.
3:44 am
awe -- >> and obviously a good night for him. not a good night for other folks. rick perry, michele bachmann, basically do you think they will get out at this point? >> rick perry sounded more like somebody that was considering dropping out than any other candidates. he said tonight he is going to head back to texas, think things over for a couple days. really wasn't playing well in new hampshire. south carolina is where he could make one more possible stand. it still is going to be tough for him though. michele bachmann, she won the straw poll here in iowa. in august. she was born here. she made a lot about her iowa roots. a very disappointing position in sixth place last night. going to be very hard for her to recover. here's one important thing. she is continuing on not dropping out. she told abc news the tickets to south carolina are booked, paid for. in this republican race you don't want to be considered wasting any money. vo >> for sure. >> senator john mccain plans on endorsing romney later today,
3:45 am
what does that mean for romney and santorum's campaigns, karen? >> for the first part, paula, this gives mitt romney, a headline. we're still talking iowa today. this gives mitt romney a chance to pivot to new hampshire where he has double digit lead. doing very, very well expected to win on tuesday. also gives him a establishment republican behind him. gives him inevitability, aura of the front-runner that maybe got dinged a little tonight with the very close race. so it will be very interesting to see the two of them together. 2008, nominee, and likely front-runner and person that could be heading into new hampshire with still some good momentum. >> again, very positive territory for romney down there in new hampshire. ron paul, jon huntsman, any predictions for those two? >> ron paul, also, vowing to stay in the race. he is going to take a little down time too. he went home this weekend. he left iowa.
3:46 am
went back to texas. not a big surprise he is going to take down time. he is in his upper 70s. allowed to give him a little rest from the campaign trail. jon huntsman is waiting in new hampshire. he has been waiting in new hampshire for months. while the other candidates battled it out here in iowa. basically he wrote the state off. came in distant seventh place tonight. he thinks that the polls aren't showing the real state of things on the ground. and things that he could make a legitimate shot. it will be very tough. as we said, mitt romney has a substantial lead in new hampshire. >> all right, appreciate that report live for us in des moines this morning. long night, long morning for the gop. >> try to stay awake. be sure to stay with abc news as we follow candidates in new hampshire. diane sawyer and george stephanopoulos moderate the next gop debate, three days from now, live in manchester. tune in saturday night. >> when we come back why the state of california is going after kim kardashian's fortune. i know you love kimmy. >> kimmy? that's what i call her. for a long time. >> david beckham is taking his talents.
3:47 am
maybe, maybe not. the answer to the question. and a centerfold you may enjoy. "the skinny" is next. >> my ears just perked up. >> i'm sure. the answer to the question. and a centerfold you may enjoy. "the skinny" is next. >> my ears just perked up. >> i'm sure.
3:48 am
3:49 am
sexy. ♪ skinny ♪ so skinny >> you use the term skinny talking kim kardashian. curvy. >> no, curvy, voluptuous. sexy. as you will learn on your time on "world news now," the -- the permanent person. i have a slight obsession with kim. not that i think she is talented. >> she's not talented. >> she's hot. >> her only talent. kim kardashian, has been the target of a proposed ballot is initiative. out of california to raise taxes on the wealthiest residents. she said being on tv changed her life. she gets free stuff. get this, the video says she made $12 million in 2010 almost what you made, rob. paid one percentage point more in california income taxes than
3:50 am
some one making $47,000. >> basically making her the poster child for the campaign to tax the rich to raise billions for services cut and for public schools as well. holding her up as the 1%. because she bragged about being rich. >> not to admire her. >> she didn't. well. we won't, we have plenty of time to get in kim debates. let's talk about one of your favorites. david beckham. >> david beckham, no merci playing for a french team in paris. got to give him credit -- he cited family reasons. he has four kids including a young daughter. doesn't want to move them all across the seas. >> but, speaking of butts. >> no pun intended. >> one more reason to go to h & m, my whole outfit yesterday from h & m. debuted his body wear for h & m. and the underwear. >> there you go. >> hello. >> going to be available valentine's day.
3:51 am
>> there we go. >> you know what, you had kim. i had david. >> now we have our crushes out of the way. >> i don't plan on speaking the rest of the time. little overwhelmed. >> one of my ex-girlfriends. halle berry after vowing would never get married again. apparently going to tie the knot again. radaronline, spotted her with an engagement ring, getting married to olivier martinez, the guy from the hot diane lane/richard gere movie "unfaithful" the guy she was having an affair with. they're saying they're in love. wanted to get engaged. spotted with the ring. halle, good luck. >> how did you let her get away? >> she was too possessive. >> halle or kim, who would you take. you can't take both. >> really, that would be a great -- got to think about it. >> halle/kim? good facebook question. of the day.
3:52 am
help me out, fellows. good question, paula. >> the amazing rescue of a dog pulled out to sea. >> ooh?
3:53 am
3:54 am
3:55 am
♪ someone saved my life tonight ♪ >> finally if you haven't noticed paula, we tend to do a lot of animal stories on the show. i hope you are an animal love. that would make one of us. awe -- >> you don't like animals? >> maybe this story will change your mind. about a dog in l.a. survived being pulled out to sea. kabc's correspondent has more on the dog now named nemo. >> reporter: he is used to rescuing mammals from the unforgiving waters of the pacific but never any he can hold. this 2-year-old huskey mix is the first. >> my hundreds.
3:56 am
maybe thousands of rescues of marine mammals i am never able to bond with an animal like that. >> reporter: the dog now called nemo was struggling to survive under a dock when some one spotted him and called deputies. he was holding on to life by resting his paws on cables below the docks but was barely able to keep his head above the water the they called him for help. >> we don't know how long he was actually swimming in the water. he couldn't get up on the docks. the docks were too high. dive steps on the boats were too high. no way for the poor animal to get out of the water. could have been swimming for hours. could have had minutes to survive. luckily he was smart enough to find the cables underneath the dock where he was able to rest his paws on. the only way he was able to survive. >> reporter: skinny, freezing and likely minutes away from death, nemo ended up at a shelter where no one claimed him. >> when nemo came out of his shell an unbelievable discovery. he was a gem. we didn't know. we had no idea.
3:57 am
at the beginning he was scared. so he could be any kind of dog, and this is a, really, pleasant surprise he is such a wonderful dog. >> that's a very cute dog. and that guy did a wonderful thing. that nemo is 1-year-old. 50 pound. up for adoption. >> up for adoption. you want to know what his profile reads. he says i am neutered. up to date with shots, good with kids. good with dogs. isn't your facebook profile? >> pretty close. >> got that one wrong. bad. >> show that picture. me and that little doggy. they love to do this on the show the me and the pet. >> go to the gym too. more impressed with that. >> wow, look at that biceps, i didn't know you had the tat. >> more from abc next.
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